Interesting Stories of Haunted Houses in Florida

We are still not aware whether haunted and haunting are myths. However, as long as humans believe there are haunted places, haunting will continue. Looking at it from another point of view, haunting does happen, but how do we look at it. Here are a few interesting stories about St. Augustine haunted houses that will keep you at the edge of your seat.


The old jail in St. Augustine – surely a jail will have a lot of stories of misery and death. This jail in St. Augustine is no exception with a good number of prisoners that died through hanging, very harsh treatment and terminal sickness leading to agonised deaths. According to a few witnesses, there always prevails the smell of phantom and the unending barking of dogs when the smell begins. One can hear songs and footsteps along with shrill wails and shouts as well. In fact, the old jail even offers people ghost hunting overnight stays. Would you like to experience any of these?

Fort Mantanzas – this is another place in St. Augustine where people have experienced ghosts of soldiers. They say that the place is haunted by the spirits of Spanish and French soldiers who appear in their uniforms. The very name Mantanzas in Spanish means slaughter named after the murder of 245 Huguenots killed in 1565. Witness say that they have felt and heard the footsteps of ghosts tracking right along the entire premises. Quite curious to know more? Try a visit to this place.

Casa De La Paz of St. Augustine – It is believed that though this place is not in operation any more as earlier guests enjoy bed and breakfast. The Queen Isabella room was considered the most haunted among the other rooms here. There is a short story of one of the visitors here Miss Mabel (a nick name). It is believed that her husband went fishing while they were holidaying at Casa De La Paz. Though she begged him not to go since she had a strange feeling that he will die. Rightly the boat capsized in a storm and he drowned. She continued staying in the hotel and died shortly after that. However, though she had died, it is believed that her ghost still haunts guests. Ghost hunters determine that she is not alone and that she has company that of a man and a young boy.

Though we feel haunted each time we read stories like these, yet we also sometimes like to continue listening to ghost stories because it brings thrills.

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North Florida Haunted Houses – A Compilation

Haunting, haunted – these words seem extremely weird and gives one an eerie feeling. Maybe for pastime people do talk about haunted places, people haunting areas etc. But in reality you do have a whole lot of haunted houses all over the world. Most people fear being alone in dark rooms because of not wanting to encounter spirits. However, in reality there are numerous North Florida haunted houses that you may not have heard about. Here is a small list of a few most haunted areas in Florida that have been famous for many years and are believed to be still in existence.

The Riddle House at West Palm Beach in Florida

This Edwardian place was built in 1905 and was later converted to a historical park. However, originally this was a funeral parlour before it was purchased by Karl Riddle in 1920s and became his personal home since then. The owner Karl Riddle became bankrupt and resorted to hang himself instead of facing his financial problems. Hence, this ghost haunts only men and has also appeared in the recent Ghost Adventures program on television.

Carriage house apartments in Chelsea courtyards

Apartment 40 in this presently known as Chelsea Courtyards apartments has been vacant for many years. This is because it was known to cohabitate ghosts and hence it was used only as a storage place for many years. According to a few witnesses, poltergeist activities like walls with blood dripping, things being thrown around everywhere and the smell of rotten flesh persisted. Sudden appearances of badly decayed faces show up in the mirrors. Witnesses have seen an elderly kind female ghost and a white cat show up from time to time. It is believed that this lady had died in 1987 of cancer.

Pinewood historic cemetery – Daytona Beach in Florida

This cemetery is considered the oldest cemetery in the Daytona Beach area in Florida. Witnesses have reported that the place was haunted by a woman spirit. Besides this a headless ghost was also reported and is rumoured to be the spirit of Adler Rawlings whose bones and grave was defaced by teens.

Similarly there are a lot of these haunted places not only in North Florida but all over the world. People do fear the inhuman spirits though they are not seen with the eye. However, nothing has been proved to be factual but there have been witnesses to many weird experiences and scenes.

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